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V Canto - Ensis Extrait Extrait de Parfum 100 ml



V Canto - Ensis Extrait Extrait de Parfum 100 ml

In this creation, all the senses are involved in temptingly flying towards the sweet nest within us .

V Canto - Ensis Extrait Extrait de Parfum 100 ml

MAIN CHORDS: green, fruity, floral, aromatic, soft spicy, fresh, woody, metallic.

TOP NOTES: green, fruity.

HEART NOTE: floral, mild spice.

BASE NOTE: fresh, woody, metallic.

MAIN CHORDS: green, fruity, floral, aromatic, soft spicy, fresh, woody, metallic. Alarga is a fragrance that harmoniously combines a variety of main accords to create a unique sensory experience. The complexity of its notes intertwines exquisitely, offering a captivating and distinctive aroma. Each major chord adds to the overall composition, creating an olfactory symphony that delights the senses and evokes deep emotions.

TOP NOTES: green, fruity. When applying this fragrance, you will be greeted by a refreshing and stimulating explosion of green and fruity notes, which awaken the senses and transport you to a lush garden in the middle of spring. The green notes, like a freshly cut bouquet, radiate vitality and freshness, while the fruity notes add a juicy and lively touch, as if you are enjoying the most exquisite harvest of ripe fruits bathed in the sun. This harmonious combination creates an experience

immersive sensory that invites you to explore every nuance and detail of this fragrant world, immersing you in an atmosphere of vibrant and energizing nature.

HEART NOTE: floral, mild spice. At the heart of this fragrance, delicate flowers intertwine with soft aromatic and spicy notes, creating a captivating bouquet that awakens emotions and evokes moments of happiness and romance.

BASE NOTE: fresh, woody, metallic. The base of the fragrance reveals a seductive depth, where woody tones and metallic nuances combine to create a long-lasting and enveloping trail, which leaves a lasting impression on those who have the pleasure of perceiving it.

V Canto - Ensis Extrait Extrait de Parfum 100 ml: An olfactory masterpiece that captures the essence of nature and transforms it into a unique and memorable sensory experience.

Ensis by V Canto is a sensory masterpiece that challenges gender conventions in the world of perfumery. Conceived in 2015 under the skillful olfactory direction of Paolo Terenzi, this fragrance redefines traditional boundaries by being suitable for both men and women. Its complex composition invites you on a unique sensory journey from the moment it is sprayed on the skin.

First impressions of Ensis are captivating, with a fresh and vibrant opening that combines the juicy sweetness of blackcurrants with sparkling bergamot and the greenery of green leaves. A touch of cassis adds a fruity and mysterious dimension, while pansy brings its floral delicacy, setting the stage for what is to come.

At the heart of this fragrance lies an exquisite floral bouquet that reveals deep complexity and elegance. Blackcurrants linger, now intertwined with the ethereal freshness of lilac and the innocent sweetness of lily of the valley. Bulgarian rose, with its intoxicating and sensual aroma, brings a distinctive note of romance and passion to the blend, creating an emotionally resonant interlude in the olfactory experience.

As Ensis develops on the skin, base notes gradually emerge, weaving a fabric of depth and warmth. The metallic notes add a contemporary and avant-garde nuance, while the musk softens the composition with its comforting embrace. Cocoa adds a touch of decadent indulgence, complemented by the earthy earthiness of patchouli and the sensual warmth of amber, which lingers like an enveloping trail in the air.

Overall, Ensis by V Canto is much more than just a fragrance; It is a sensory experience that awakens the senses and evokes deep emotions. Its ability to defy gender expectations in perfumery makes it truly timeless and universal, destined to be appreciated by those seeking an expression of their unique individuality and their connection to the world around them.

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