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White 75ml - Lalique

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Lalique - Lalique White - Spicy Man. Male fragrance that is born from the mixture of all colors. Absence of color and the sum of all...

In the vast and romantic landscape of perfumery, there is a corner of the world that has elevated the art of fragrance to new dimensions. France, with its fields of lavender stretching as far as the eye can see and its historic fashion houses, has woven an olfactory spell that envelops the world in a dance of exquisite and sophisticated aromas. At Perfumería Laura, we have the pleasure of presenting you with the most immersive French niche perfumes.

A stroll through the history of perfume in France

At the heart of Paris, the city of light, lie the workshops of the world's most celebrated perfume houses, each carrying with it a tradition that dates back generations. French perfumery is not simply a blend of essential oils but a refined art passed down from master to apprentice, creating an unbreakable connection between past and present. In this aromatic journey that takes us through cobblestone alleys and flowery fields, we discover how perfume has transformed from a simple blend of essences to an olfactory language that narrates the rich history of the country.

Let's go back to the 17th century, more specifically to the court of Louis XIV, where French perfumery found its first muse. Grasse, the world capital of fragrances, emerged as the epicenter of essential oil and floral essence production. The fields of roses, jasmine, and lavender surrounding this charming region were the inspiration for the first master perfumers.

The French Revolution brought not only political changes but also a shift in the perception of perfume. Once reserved for the aristocracy, perfume became democratized, becoming an expression of personal identity. Perfume houses, many of which still endure, were born during this period, thus marking the beginning of a new era in French perfumery.

The 19th century witnessed the emergence of names that still resonate today: Guerlain, Chanel, and the perfume house Houbigant. The creation of Eau de Cologne, timeless fragrances, and the art of blending exotic ingredients became the distinctive signature of French perfumery. Perfume bottles transformed into genuine works of art, marking the culmination of a golden age.

Today, French perfumery remains a beacon of innovation and tradition. Fashion houses, from Paris to Grasse, continue to create fragrances that awaken the senses and tell stories. Sustainability and the search for natural ingredients have led to a new dimension in perfumery, where the connection with the land and craftsmanship are more important than ever. Thus, perfume becomes a journey through time, a liquid form of art that transcends epochs and transports the wearer to unforgettable places and moments.

Magical characteristics of French perfumes

French perfumes are not just fragrances; they are bottled poetry, distilled from the very essence of the land that bore them. They are the embodiment of elegance, creativity, and artistic mastery that have made France the undisputed capital of the perfume world.

What sets French perfumes apart is the complexity of their compositions. Like an aromatic ballet, fragrances are composed of top, heart, and base notes, each playing a unique role in this olfactory symphony. From the sparkling freshness of the top notes to the seductive depth of the base notes, each French perfume is a story told through layers of evolving aromas on the skin.

Just as wine reflects the characteristics of the soil in which the vine is grown, French perfumes capture the essence of the land in which they are born. The lavender fields of Provence, the floral gardens of Grasse, the sun-drenched Mediterranean coast... All these elements intertwine in the fragrance, creating a uniquely sensory and authentically French experience.

Each French perfume is a journey through history and culture. From timeless classics that have endured over the years to contemporary creations that defy conventions, each fragrance is a testament to human ingenuity and the ability to evoke emotions through the sense of smell.

Immerse yourself in the enchanted world of French perfumes and discover the magic behind each spray at Perfumería Laura.

Indulge in the olfactory luxury of our French niche perfumes

In the magical universe of aromas, there is an exclusive corner where we are sure you will find your favorite French perfume. Immerse yourself with us on a journey through the most renowned French perfume brands.


Alexandre.J is a luxury French perfume brand with oriental touches, headquartered in France. The brand was founded by Alexandre.J in 2012, who has earned recognition for his exclusive fragrances and elegant packaging. Each bottle is more than just a container. It is a reliquary that encapsulates the magic of perfumery elevated to its highest expression, emanating from the very heart of the city of light.

Capturing the spirit of haute parfumerie, Alexandre.J delights in the tireless pursuit of aromatic perfection. Alexandre.J's headquarters are located in Paris, reflecting the brand's connection to the tradition and excellence of French perfumery. Enjoy Alexandre.J's 5 collections at Perfumería Laura:

Art Deco Collection.

Le Royal.

Western Leather.


The Collector.

Atelier Des Ors

In the world of luxury perfumery, there are names that stand out for their creativity and mastery. One of those names is Jean-Philippe Clermont, the mastermind behind the exquisite perfume house Atelier Des Ors. A master in the art of storytelling through aromas. His ability to combine high-quality ingredients with a unique olfactory narrative has positioned the brand as a reference in the world of luxury perfumes. Each fragrance is like a page from a book, unfolding layers of notes that tell a rich and captivating story.

Atelier Des Ors' distinctive signature is its commitment to excellence and richness. Gold, a universal symbol of luxury, is masterfully intertwined in each creation of this French perfume house. From bottle design to ingredient selection, the brand pays homage to gold not only as a precious metal but as an element that elevates the olfactory experience to new dimensions.

Discover 2 of Atelier Des Ors' 6 collections at Perfumería Laura:

Black Collection.

Frivolity Collection.

Etat Libre D'Orange

We are facing a French perfume brand that stands out for its innovative and provocative approach. Etat Libre D'orange was founded by Etienne de Swardt in 2006 with a very different point of view, free to love and be loved. In fact, this French perfume house has earned its reputation for whimsicality by challenging conventions and offering fragrances that break with established traditions. Undoubtedly, it is an energetic perfumery, where several recognized perfumers collaborate (Antoine Maisondieu, Christine Nagel, Quentin Bisch, Antoine Lie, Mathilde Bijaoui, Shyamala Maisondieu, Violaine Collas, Nathalie Feisthauer, Cecile Matton, Ralf Schwieger, and Caroline Sabas), shaking off prejudices and raising ambiguities.

The result is nothing short of perfumes to tempt and seduce, breaking all the rules. Discover Etat Libre D'Orange's original and daring compositions in Perfumería Laura's 2 collections:

The Orange Extraordinaire Collection.

The Classic Collection.

Houbigant Paris

The Houbigant Paris brand is a renowned French perfume house with a long history of creating exclusive fragrances. Founded in 1775 by Jean-François Houbigant, it is one of the oldest perfume houses in

 the world. Houbigant Paris has been known for its refined and high-quality creations over four centuries.

The house has launched several iconic fragrances over the years and has played a significant role in the evolution of the perfume industry. Some of its classic fragrances include "Fougère Royale" and "Quelques Fleurs," the latter being one of the first floral fragrances composed.

Indulge in The Oriental Collection at Perfumería Laura. A selection of perfumes that will transport you to the enigmatic lands of the East, through essences that evoke wood, amber, and captivating aromas.


René Jules Lalique was a prominent French jeweler, glassmaker, and designer, known for his creations in artistic glass and jewelry. In just a few years, his revolutionary jewels became icons of the actresses of the Belle Epoque. In the 1900s, Lalique began designing perfume bottles for François Coty, an influential perfumer of the time. These perfume bottles, exquisitely crafted with glass and often decorated with natural motifs, significantly contributed to the rise of the perfume industry. This partnership marked the beginning of the connection between Lalique and perfumery. His work in designing perfume bottles has led to the creation of the "Lalique Parfums" brand, which has continued to produce perfumes and luxury items, maintaining René Lalique's stylistic and artistic legacy.

Immerse yourself in a wonderful olfactory experience with the 3 Lalique collections available at Perfumería Laura:

Lalique Men's Lines.

Lalique Women's Lines.

Lalique Exclusive Fragrances: Mon Premier Cristal and Noir Premier Collection.

Mancera Paris

Founded by Pierre Montale in 2008, this Paris-based brand has woven a unique olfactory narrative that merges opulence and modernity with unparalleled mastery. Mancera Paris is the result of a unique collaboration between father and daughter. Pierre Montale, a self-taught perfumer, was the first French perfumer to introduce Tahitian monoi to France and the first to introduce this incredible oil to the French press. His perfumes encapsulate the essence of a sensory journey, taking those who wear them to a world where elegance meets contemporary boldness. Each creation is an aromatic masterpiece that captures the imagination and leaves a lasting impression on the skin.

Among its most notable creations are:

Roses Vanille: A modern ode to the rose, fused with the indulgence of vanilla, creating an irresistibly romantic fragrance.

Cedrat Boise: A fragrance that balances the freshness of cedar with vibrant citrus notes, evoking urban and contemporary elegance.

Coco Vainille: A bold, sweet, innocent, and surprisingly addictive creation. A wonderful fragrance that brings together the most beautiful materials of Arabian perfumes, creating a unique olfactory experience.


Founded by Patricia de Nicolaï, a direct descendant of Pierre Guerlain, the brand has earned a great reputation for its commitment to craftsmanship excellence and the creation of timeless perfumes that transcend the most ephemeral trends. Patricia de Nicolaï's legacy dates back to the distinguished Guerlain house, where her talent and passion for perfumery were cultivated from an early age. In 1989, this talented perfumer founded her own house, Nicolaï, in Paris. Since then, she has pursued a vision of perfumery that embraces tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the perfumery scene.

Nicolaï's essence lies in the harmonious fusion of the most modern creativity and traditional techniques. Patricia de Nicolaï stands out for her authentic approach and dedication to quality, using exquisite ingredients to bring to life compositions that evoke the most captivating emotions. In fact, she has her own production and packaging factory in the heart of the "cosmetic valley."

Explore the 4 Nicolaï collections available at Perfumería Laura and fall in love with fragrances that never sleep:

Oud Collection.

Intense Collection.

Eau de Toilette Collection.

Eau Fraiche Collection.

Sora Dora

This French perfume brand is a tribute to designer Antoine Sora Dora and his family. It was in the early 20th century when Antoine left Portugal to settle in the village of Greasque, in southern France. It is there that he fell in love with plants and befriended Étienne, a jasmine grower. Together, they harness their knowledge, experience, and sensitivity to try to create fragrances. With the death of his friend, Antoine takes full charge of the project, putting all his creativity at the service of aromas. In this way, he creates his first perfume. Over time, Antoine passes on to his daughters his love for flora and fragrances. It is on these family memories that Sora Dora has been built. A brand that has become a prestigious perfume house over, nothing less, than four generations.

In conclusion, French perfumes are encapsulated expressions of elegance, femininity, masculinity, and creativity. From the most iconic fashion houses to independent perfumers' workshops, each bottle tells a unique story, a tale that carries with it the legacy of French perfumery. It is time to let these masterpieces become part of your personal story. Delight your senses with the richness of French fragrances and discover how they transform not only your presence but also your memories. Embark on this olfactory journey right now and let yourself be seduced by the magic of French perfumes at Perfumería Laura.

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