L'Elixir des Glaciers Valmont

Elixir de los Glaciares Valmont


L’elixir des Glaciers has several collections:

  • Precieux Collection
  • Majestueux Collection
  • Merveilleux Collection


Because beauty deserves a masterpiece. Valmont has created the most prestigious range in cosmetics. Absolutely concentrated, this range proposes a unique and sumptuous accord around the noblest ingredients that the preserved environment of Switzerland can offer, using as its emblem the purest water, extracted at the foot of a thousand-year-old glacier.

Two to fifteen times more concentrated than the rest of the Valmont range.

       Its components are:

  • Triple DNA that stimulates cell renewal, providing hydration and energy.
  • Liposomal RNA that penetrates deep into the heart of the skin, providing essential fatty acids. Repairs and protects.
  • ECHINACEA EXTRACT, of which only the root is used for its regenerating, restructuring, rebalancing and anti-retention power.
  • YELLOW SPIMO EXTRACT of which only fruits are used for their antioxidant, revitalizing and exfoliating power.
  • MOSQUETA ROSE EXTRACT of which only the seeds are used for their repairing, cell regenerating, decongestant and nourishing power.


Throughout its collection, it offers a youth cure, an anti-aging complex, which is why the elixir of glaciers is all beauty both inside and out.

The Precieux range (integral anti-aging cream) is the first chapter in the creation of the Elixir des Glaciers legend, which associates the emblematic Valmont trio (triple DNA, RNA and Glacier Water) with a selection of natural plant extracts, cultivated by the brand in its Phytoalpine Garden, in the heart of the Swiss mountains. Harvested with the utmost respect for its properties and used to the maximum of its capacity, the extracts of echinacea, sea buckthorn and rosehip fight all forms of aging (programmed, environmental or photo-induced) to reveal regenerated, restructured skin and rebalanced… with a radiant luminosity.

This range contains the following products:

  • SERUM PRECIEUX VOTRE VISAGE: it is a prestigious treatment with high concentration. This divine treatment with a very fine, sensual and luxuriously unctuous texture, reveals a fresher complexion, a smoother, firmer, more toned skin, simply radiant with youth and health. A lifting, instant and pore-refiner treatment.
  • VOTRE VISAGE: high performance anti-aging treatment. This divine treatment with a fine, sensual and creamy texture with a litfin effect is a true absolute concentrate for skins in search of perfection, unparalleled pleasure and efficacy.
  • VOXYEUX: polyactive eye contour treatment, at the same time delicate, velvety and ultra-concentrated, provides a 360º eye contour action. The most complete and powerful eye contour treatment. Smoothing, lifting, anti-wrinkle, anti-dark circles and anti-bags.
  • TEINT PRECIEUX VOTRE VISAGE: smoothing makeup base. Optimal covering power with a delicate powder finish to reveal smooth and even skin.
  • POUDRE DE TEINT PRECIEUX: light velvet powder foundation. A dreamy foundation that blends into skin, with light to medium coverage, hides imperfections with a velvety, luminous finish.


The majestic range (with anti-aging nourishing action) combines for the first time in the same formula, the ingredients of the hive, putting all their properties at the service of Lélixir del Glaciers ... Combined with liposomal DNA in a complex called "essence of bees" : this range combines the moisturizing and repairing properties of honey, the purifying virtues of propolis and the outstanding regenerative power of royal jelly.

Worked with the rosehip so prized for l´elixir des Glaciers, these active ingredients release their anti-aging “Savoir-Faire” and pay tribute to the talent of our allies in life (bees).

Within the complex of the bee essence we find:

  • The HONEY (moisturizer) provides intense nutrition and the wax compensates for the lack of skin lipids.
  • PROPOLIS (antibacterial) provides repairing effect. Antioxidants and vitamins maintain the integrity of the skin.
  • ROYAL JELLY (regenerating) provides a soothing and healing effect, phytosterols and flavonoids provide an anti-inflammatory action and balance the hydro-lipid film.

This range contains the following products:

  • SERUM MAJESTUEUX VOS YEUX: firming eye serum. This extraordinary satin-textured serum reduces eyelid drooping and helps restore a younger-looking look. Day after day the skin around the eye is smoothed and toned.
  • MASQUE MAJESTUEUX: universal nourishing massage mask, with its evolving texture, Masque Majestueix offers a sensory experience, extraordinary and infuses the skin with precious ingredients from the hive. Formulated to be deliciously massaged, this beauty balm nourishes, revitalizes and is exquisitely soft. Only 10 minutes to obtain 48 hours of benefits !!.
  • CURE MAJESTUEUX: nourishing beauty oil. This highly sensory nectar of divine application and record penetration, fuses with the skin to release powerful omegas and precious ingredients from the hive. Watered with extraordinary compounds, the skin is revealed transformed, more flexible, smoother and visibly more radiant. The skin is instantly smoother and smoother, like silk, without greasy effect.
  • TEINT MAJESTUEUX: satin makeup base. The complexion captures light and conveys a groomed appearance. Its glossy and satin finish brings a breath of freshness and beauty to even the dullest skins.

 All wonderful formulas contain a duo of sturgeon DNA and the wonderful mineral complex.

Sturgeon DNA provides incredible anti-aging benefits to the skin. The essence of the golden sturgeon contains 2 sizes of DNA.

High molecular weight DNA comes from gueldenstaedtii (called diamond sturgeon) and baeri (also called Siberian sturgeon).

This very large DNA is gradually assimilated by the skin and spreads its long-term regenerative power.

Low molecular weight DNA is extracted from acipenser transmontanus (also known as white sturgeon).

This XS size DNA provides elements easily assimilated by cells to reduce time marks.

Inhibits elastase

Stimulates the production of proteoglycans

Amplifies the penetration of other active ingredients

The wonderful mineral complex recharges the skin with magnesium, manganese and selenium to give it a youthful glow.

  • MAGNESIUM: superstar, anti-fatigue and anti-stress.
  • MANGANESE: reinforcement of metabolism.
  • SELENIUM: antioxidant.

This collection includes the following products:

FLUIDE MERVEILLEUX: next-generation regenerating essence. A true potion of beauty, merveilleux fluid blends with the skin thanks to its fine and silky texture, resulting from nanoemulsion technology. Acting as a pre-serum, this skincare essence provides you with the extra soul you need to reveal even more dazzling beauty.

CRÈME MERVEILLEUX: regenerating generation cream. A treasure trove of beauty that transforms the skin into an incredible sensory experience. Sumptuously fine and incredibly generous at the same time, this treatment cream recharges the skin and enhances it with sensuality.

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