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Beauty Rituals


Valmont Cosmetics has created BEAUTY RITUALS and INTENSIVE TREATMENT PROGRAMMES for every need, to counteract the effects of the passage of time on the face, body and hair.

Valmont Cosmetics offers a wide range of treatments that combine refinement and unprecedented anti-ageing efficacy. 

Valmont creams are the perfect allies for all those who wish to control the signs of ageing, reconcile with their skin or simply feel good about themselves. 

Thanks to a unique and exclusive extraction process, faithful to the concept of cellular therapy, Valmont Cosmetics goes deep into the core of skin cells to find molecules with incomparable anti-ageing properties: DNA and RNA. 

Valmont Cosmetics obtains intact macromolecules, thus preserving their incomparable regenerative power.

Included in the VALMONT BEAUTY RITUALS, this duo strengthens and stimulates cells affected by the effects of time and external aggressions, revealing a sublime skin that radiates youthfulness.


      At the origins of life, there was nothing but water and bacteria. Today, they are at the origins of beauty.
      In its new range of cleansing skincare products, Valmont Cosmetics focuses on the skin's ecosystem, promoting the balance of a healthy microbiota, thanks to Swiss glacier water and selected probiotics.
    In order to cleanse better and with less effort, PURITY offers gentle and powerful products to remove traces of pollution that dull the complexion and the most stubborn make-up. Available in 9 different textures: PURITY combines sensorial emotion, effectiveness and kindness to the skin. 

      The make-up removal ritual is conceived as a true moment of well-being, pleasure and liberation, but also, and above all, as a genuine moment of beauty. A face to face with oneself, without make-up or tricks. A decompression chamber. An invitation to leave the day behind and to take advantage of moments of relaxation in your favourite armchair. 

       WATER FROM THE GLACIERS (drops of softness). At an altitude of more than 2000 metres, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the Arolla glacier rises. Fed by the snowfalls, this mass of ice allows a pure, soft and perfectly balanced water to seep through. Rich in minerals, this water provides the skin with a perfect physiological balance, with exceptional virtues, enriching Valmont products and giving the skin the strength of thousand-year-old glaciers. The hardness of glacier water is 7ºF (degrees in French), which means it contains 7 mg of calcium carbonate per litre. In comparison, the hardness of other Alpine water is 25ºF. This low figure testifies to how soft this water is compared to water considered harder. 

The composition of glacier water makes it ideal for use in Valmont Cosmetics cleansing products. 

THE MICROBIOT (a miniature world that does a lot for beauty). 

A mainstay of scientific research since 2008, particularly with the HMP (Human Microbiome Project) launched in the United States, the microbiota is now recognised as a key element in health and beauty.

This ecosystem of billions of bacteria, yeasts and other micro-organisms is now considered an organ in its own right. To keep the skin in good condition, we need a high number and diversity of microbial species. So our good microbes, strong and outnumbered, are able to occupy all the space and prevent opportunistic pathogens from developing. This is the function of probiotics. In addition, since micro-organisms compete for food resources, by providing specific nutrients for the good bacteria, we ensure that we encourage their development to the detriment of harmful bacteria. This is the role of prebiotics. 

Acting as beauty preparators, the new products in the PURITY range remove make-up and cleanse while promoting the harmony of the skin's flora.


Pro-beauties: from the Greek "pro" (for) and "bios" (life), Valmont Cosmetics transforms probiotics into pro-beauties. Lactobacillus casei and acidophilus, well known in the food industry, are also true allies of beauty, reinforcing the cutaneous eco-flora. 

Yacon (also called the honey of the Incas) is a tuber rich in sugars that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria for the skin. This prebiotic is therefore one of the preferred ingredients for stimulating a healthy ecosystem.

Glacier water: thanks to its ideal mineral content, it promotes tissue exchanges, boosts cell metabolism and stimulates natural defence systems. 


Jelly, cream, foam, lotion, milk... The new PURITY range offers an assortment of textures, all of them exquisite. Comforting or invigorating, these treatments offer each person the possibility to choose their favourite product. 


  • Icy Falls (refreshing facial cleansing jelly)

  • Wonder Falls (nourishing cleansing cream)

  • Bubble Falls (facial balancing cleansing foam)

  • Bi-Falls (two-phase eye make-up remover)

  • Aqua Falls (facial cleansing water)

  • Fluid Falls (fluid cream facial make-up remover)

  • Vital Falls (toner, softener, facial revitaliser)

  • Face exfoliant (revitalising exfoliating facial scrub cream)

  • Purifying Pack (purifying facial mask)


Formulated around probiotics and prebiotics, PRIMARY aims to support the balance of the skin's microbiota system. The first solution for beautiful, healthy skin on a daily basis, which maintains a diversity of microbial species beneficial to its balance. 

Formulated for the first time at Valmont using the UHT (ultra-high temperature) sterilisation principle, which combines high temperature and immediate cooling, PRIMARY minimises preservatives. A stand-alone beauty regime that can be integrated into any specific ritual. 

For its PRIMARY Cosmetics range, Valmont has selected 3 emblematic ingredients, which act synergistically and individually.

Together in the L.T.FOS complex, these ingredients aim to strengthen the epidermis and its flora.

Reinforced, the skin can fully perform its primary function: protection. 

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L... for Lactobacillus pentosus:

This lactic acid bacterium is used in the form of a lysate (cell membrane fragments). As a topical contribution, Lactobacillus pentosus allows the microbiome to be enriched and diversified. 

P... for Promitamin B5

Also called panthenol, this vitamin, whose healing efficacy has long been proven, also makes the skin soft and comfortable. 

FOS... for Fructo-OligoSaccharides

These small sugars are prebiotics and can selectively nourish the good bacteria on the skin.


  • Primary Veil (initial priming mist)

  • Primary Solution (imperfections target treatment)

  • Primary Serum (essential repair serum)

  • Primary Cream (essential soothing cream)

  • Primary Pomade (rich lipid-replenishing balm)


Dehydration is the first sign of ageing, it quickly affects the skin, aggravating the ageing process.  Day after day, fine lines caused by dehydration turn into deep wrinkles. Valmont Cosmetics offers a high-performance HYDRATING TREATMENT RITUAL that counteracts dehydration by acting specifically on the causes of this phenomenon. Instantly and lastingly moisturising, Valmont creams restore density and comfort to the skin.

Valmont Cosmetics has exclusively developed a liposome with triple DNA, a tribute to scientific research and the result of long work. This innovation is a real technological milestone. 

Protected by this phospholipid vesicle, the triple DNA can penetrate faster and deeper and exert all its regenerating, repairing and moisturising qualities deep into the skin.

Lack of hydration is one of the first signs of ageing...

The water content in the skin varies according to the skin layers: according to a constant water gradient in the skin, the water distribution is continuously regulated by an almost continuous evaporation on the surface of the corneal layer. 

The water content is constant in the dermis and in the deep layers of the epidermis, while in the superficial layers of the epidermis it is variable, in fact, it is called "dehydration" when the water content is below 10%. 

Water in the epidermis occurs in free and bound form. Free water is highly mobile and evaporates easily. 


The skin's plasticity and elasticity depend essentially on its water content. Thus, a decrease in the hydration of the corneous layer leads to a change in the structure of the epidermis. 


Moisturisation adjustment is ensured by 3 factors: the hydrolipidic film, the horny layer and the NMF.

    hydrolipidic film is found on the surface of the skin. It serves as a natural lubricant, a barrier against external aggressions and also gives flexibility to the horny layer.   It is
    composed of: an aqueous phase (water plus mineral and organic substances) and an oily phase (sebum + cholesterol).
      In young skin, the hydrolipidic film ensures good skin hydration. Over time, this film is altered, leading to an increase in insensible water loss (IWL). The epidermis becomes less hydrated. The first signs of ageing then appear. 

  1. The CORNEA LAYER (corneocyte walls and intercellular cement):

    A) The CORNEOCYTE WALLS (i.e. of keratinocytes that no longer have a nucleus) also play a role in maintaining hydration.


B) The INTERCELLULAR CEMENT: lipids, found only in the epidermis, play a role in cellular cohesion (intercellular cement), barrier function and skin hydration.
  The lipids that form the interkeratinocyte cement are mainly essential fatty acids + ceramides + dosfolipids + cholesterol.

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  1. NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor): located in the corneocytes, in the corneal layer, NMF plays a fundamental role in maintaining the skin's water balance.
      It is essentially composed of amino acids and its function is to absorb and store water (the skin's natural moisturiser).


COMPOSITION OF NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor):

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