The Different Company

The Different Company, Consolidated as a pioneering brand, the first independent niche fragrance brand.

The Different Company is a pioneering brand, the first independent niche perfume brand. Since 2000, we have shaped this universe, defining its rules and values, which we carry in our DNA. Our passion lies in the search for the essence of high perfumery, sublimating aromas and transforming them into powerful, disturbing and eternal olfactory compositions.

Our story began in the year 2000, when we set out to redefine the world of perfumery. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to establish the standards of quality and creativity that characterize us. Every fragrance we create is a masterpiece that reflects our dedication to innovation and excellence. We believe in the importance of capturing the essence of each ingredient, exalting and combining them in unique ways to create unparalleled sensory experiences.

Throughout these years, The Different Company has been synonymous with exclusivity and avant-garde. We have taken our vision beyond the conventional, exploring new frontiers in the art of perfumery. Our perfumes are not just fragrances, but true olfactory compositions that tell stories, evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression.

We are proud to be a reference in the world of niche perfumery, a world that we have contributed to building with our creations. Each perfume we launch on the market is a manifestation of our commitment to authenticity, quality and creativity. Thus, we continue our mission to transform the art of perfumery, offering our customers extraordinary olfactory experiences that defy time and trends.

Without connections, without cost limitations, for genuine pleasure and emotion, always with elegance and honesty.

200, creation of The Different Company

In 2000, The Different Company was born, a bold and visionary initiative with a clear objective: to create a brand that personified contemporary haute perfumery. This company is dedicated to developing exceptional, carefully crafted fragrances that are presented in authentic objects of art. Our mission is to offer new and surprising olfactory experiences, presented in magnificent bottles that not only delight the senses, but also reflect a deep respect for the environment. Each creation is a testament to our commitment to excellence and sustainability, elevating the art of perfumery to new heights and continually challenging the limits of what can be achieved in this field.

Design and bottles.

Thierry de Bachmakoff, a world-renowned designer of luxury objects, has been the genius behind creating the visual identity of our bottles. With an impressive track record in the world of design, Bachmakoff has brought his masterful touch to conceive a distinctive look that perfectly reflects the essence of our brand. His design of the characteristic three-tier stopper is a true work of art, with pure, clean lines that underline the simplicity and elegance that are synonymous with our house. This stopper is not only a functional component, but also serves as a visual emblem that captures the sophistication and meticulous care with which we craft each of our products. Thanks to Bachmakoff's vision and talent, our bottles not only contain a high-quality product, but are also presented as a symbol of luxury and distinction in the market.

2000 - 2002, The first olfactive creations

Between 2000 and 2002, the first olfactory creations were created. During this period, renowned perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena designed three exceptional fragrances that marked the beginning of his legacy.

The first of these fragrances is Osmanthus. This perfume stands out for its delicate essence of Osmanthus, a flower that, although at that time it was little known by perfume fans, was already part of the essential repertoire of every perfumer. The fragrance captures the subtlety and charm of this exotic flower, offering a unique and evocative olfactory experience.

The second creation is Bois d'Iris. This perfume is distinguished by its extraordinary concentration of Iris Pallida, the most sumptuous and expensive of all varieties of lilies. Ellena managed to encapsulate the elegance and richness of this flower, resulting in a sophisticated and luxurious fragrance that continues to be a benchmark in the world of perfumery.

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