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PERRIS MONTE CARL0 is a niche perfume brand that hails from Monaco. Gian Luca Perris (Creative Director and Fragrance Designer of PERRIS MONTE CARLO, in collaboration with Mathieu Nardin, Jean Claude Ellena, Luca Maffei, Jacques Fleury and Michel Santorini), is part of the second generation of a family dedicated to the art of perfume, from creation to distribution. PERRIS MONTE CARLO is the conjunction of tradition and modernity. Tradition in the search for natural ingredients extracted with respect to traditional methods and modernity of formulation, with simple and authentic formulas, created to emphasize the beauty of the raw materials that characterize them. PERRIS MONTE CARLO fragrances are innovative, bold and elegant. Gian Luca Perris has created PERRIS MONTE CARLO to return to the heart of the perfume industry, focusing on the fragrance itself. The passion to return to the craft of perfumery is the creative center that is embodied in the PERRIS MONTE CARLO label. The brand's mission is to create unique fragrances, intertwining the research of the best raw materials from around the world, working them with innovation and modernity while remaining faithful to tradition. PERRIS MONTE CARLO has 5 COLLECTIONS: 1. BLACK COLLECTION: a tribute to the most important raw materials, created through the tireless search for raw materials. Among the highlights of the world we are delighted to present a collection of wonderful fragrances. BLACK COLLECTION includes the following fragrances: Imperial Oud (2014) Rose of Taif (2014) Patchouli Nosy Be (2015) Ylang Ylang Nosy Be (2015) Absolue d'osmanthe (2016) Santal du Pacifique (2016) Tubereuse Absolute (2017) Aztec Cocoa (2017) Taiti Vanilla (2020) VetiverJava (2021)

2. GOLD COLLECTION: a tribute to the Middle East. The GOLD COLLECTION consists of the first 4 fragrances created for the launch of the PERRIS MONTE CARLO line. It's sophisticated, but with a contemporary twist that sets it apart from other Middle Eastern-influenced lines. Inspired by the picturesque landscapes and the great culture of perfumes and their raw materials, which are breathed every day in the Middle East. These olfactory experiences want to be the ultimate definitive representation: each fragrance is exquisite, precious and elegant. GOLD COLLECTION includes the following fragrances: Musk Extreme (2012) Essence of Patchouli (2012)

Gray Amber (2012) Bois d'Oud (2012) 3. The PERRIS MONTE CARLO EXTRACTS COLLECTION: it is the quintessence of raw materials and offers our customers the best quality in the highest concentration. Each composition was reconstructed by increasing the level of the selected ingredients and allowed the fragrances to be recreated at an even richer, more opulent and bewitching level. This collection includes the following perfumes: Oud Imperial Rose of Taif Patchouli Nosy Be Ylang Ylang Nosy Be Absolue d'Osmanthe Santal du Pacifique Tubereuse Absolute Aztec Cocoa 4. ITALY COLLECTION: after traveling all over the world, the new PERRIS MONTE CARLO project finds the excellence of the raw materials that are the protagonists of its new fragrances in Italy. Italian excellence in the world of citrus fruits is the result of the tradition, know-how and productive innovation of Capua, producers of citrus essential oils since 1880, which have inspired Creative Director Gian Luca Perris, of Maison Perris Monte Carlo . CAPUA works raw materials resulting from the perfume tradition since 1880

4. and today, it combines tradition with new extraction methods that allow the elimination of furocoumarins (photosensitive molecules that have damaged the use of these essential oils) and phthalates (derived from harvesting tools) with cold fractioning (down to -20°C) through molecular evaporators that guarantee an extraction of total integrity, obtaining all the nuances of the essential oil without losing the most delicate part, often damaged by heat. 

   The new collection dedicated to citrus expresses the power of the sun and the earth that enhances the characteristics of the fruits of the collection: bergamot, mandarin and cedar. 

It includes the following fragrances: 

Cedro di Diamante (2018)

Mandarino di Sicilia (2018)

Bergamotto di Calabria (2018)

Arancia di Sicilia (2019)

5. LES PARFUMS DE GRASSE: on April 25, 2019, the new exclusive collection LES PARFUMS DE GRASSE will be presented in Monaco. GRASSE is the cradle of perfumery and some of the highest quality raw materials in the world are produced there. 

   This beautiful region welcomes us by enveloping us in its precious flowers and timeless scents. In 2018 UNESCO expressed its recognition of the art of perfumery in its status as Cultural Heritage of Grasse in light of its exceptional knowledge, associated with the cultivation of ingredients and the art of perfume composition.

   The desire was to create a fragrance collection that represents the history and unique ability of Grasse to allow anyone to enjoy the quality and true grandeur of the art of French perfumery. To achieve this, Gian Luca Perris chose a protagonist to match: "There were several outstanding candidates in Grasse who could take on the creative leadership of this project. But Jean Claude Ellena is the most iconic perfumer of our time and stands out above the rest. There is no doubt that artistically he was born in Grasse". 

   Many of you will know Jean Claude Ellena for the creation of several masterpieces. However, not everyone knows the full story: as a child he grew jasmine and roses with his grandmother, then he started working in factories producing essential oils and absolutes. After all that he became a master in the art of perfume composition. Jean Claude Ellena has experienced first hand all the elements that have made Grasse a World Heritage Site. 

   Jean Claude considers himself a poet of perfume and it was a real privilege for Gian Luca Perris to work with him. 

   LES PARFUMS DE GRASSE includes the following fragrances:

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