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Cofre: A Glowing Morning - Valmont
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Cofre: A Glowing Morning - Valmont

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Valmont Cosmetics Set: A Glowing Morning - cream, make-up remover, toner and exfoliator. Spectacular Valmont Cosmetics Box of 4 Pcs.
DetO2x Cream - Valmont
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DetO2x Cream - Valmont

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DetO2x Cream - Energy Ritual - Valmont Oxygenating Facial Cream. For dull, stressed and dull skin. Ideal in polluted or smoking environments.
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Thanks to its protected environment, Switzerland offers the best possible conditions for developing and manufacturing cosmetic products. 

The interest in the manufacture of high-quality natural cosmetics, the benefits of hot springs and glacier waters and the secrets of Swiss beauty make their cosmetics a paradise for beauty.

Swiss rigor, with a philosophy of excellence and rigorous control, makes its cosmetics the most valued in the world.


Hosting major research areas, it brings together students, researchers, entrepreneurs ... to explore new scientific fields. Its worldwide reputation is recognized and the efficacy of Swiss cosmetics is OPTIMAL!


Based on the benefits of hot springs, Swiss beauty secrets are here to stay. 

Water is the fundamental element of any cosmetic formula. By providing precious minerals, water can also become an ingredient that actively contributes to the effectiveness of a skin care product.


Among the rich natural resources of Switzerland is the potential of glacier water, with its specific properties it is a pure and soft water that has not been transformed, with an ideal mineral content, helps in the exchanges between skin tissues, stimulates cellular metabolism and the skin's natural defense systems.


Among the various brands that have dedicated all their experience to beauty and solving the phenomenon of skin deterioration, COSMÉTICOS VALMONT is one of the most prominent, always at the forefront of progress. After intensive and passionate research, the biologists at the VALMONT laboratory developed a DNA and RNA extraction process that leaves the macromolecule intact, thus preserving all its activity and vitality. 

treatment VALMONT COSMETICproducts are all based on essential elements contained in DNA and RNA cells, providing the skin with the help it needs to maintain optimal cell regeneration and delay degeneration processes due to age.  


The LOOKVALMONT clinic, built in 1905 on the shores of Lake Geneva, was originally a medical establishment, and had the idea of ​​adapting its mission to the changes experienced by medical practice and the needs of patients. 

Thanks to its team of specialized doctors and high-quality infrastructures, the Valmont clinic became a center for neurological rehabilitation and re-education. 

In 1985were created Valmont Cosmetics, since then, they have helped women and men dominate the passage of time using the natural resources of Switzerland and the advances in cellular cosmetics, due to the great researchers, Swiss technology and industry. biotech of this country. 

The Valmont group surrounds itself with the best specialists to create high-quality, high-purity products.

In 1996, Didier Guillon became the sole owner of the Valmont brand


Letting time glide over the skin without leaving the slightest trace is the absolute dream of Valmont cosmetics

treatments Valmont cosmetic are created to precisely respond to the evolving needs of the skin throughout life. 

Over time, the essential functions of the body slowly weaken, energy is depleted ... The skin, like all the organs of the body, also progressively and more deeply reflect the signs of aging. Valmont proposes a series of rituals adapted to each type of skin, to solve any type of problem and keep the skin in perfect condition. 


brands Swiss cosmetic use specific formulas of their own manufacture.


This brand contains a wide range of products for all skin types, including a wide variety of baby products, without mineral oils, dyes, or chemical preservatives.

               They use alpine plants that grow in the environment of an intact and uncontaminated nature. Edelweiss is the most important ingredient. It is a protected plant that has powerful antioxidant effects, its natural protective properties being perfect for fighting free radicals. 

                Another of the main characteristics of this brand is the use of pure water from the Swiss Alps. 

                The high quality natural active ingredients used in its composition have a great power of regenerating effect that is very beneficial for the skin, being especially effective for an anti-aging treatment. 


                 Laboratories have developed a luxury natural cosmetic line based on the purity of glacier waters, the benefits of thermal waters and a combination of natural active ingredients. 

                These laboratories have developed a body line to offer a response to the specific problem of each area of ​​the body. 

                The WHERTEIMAR brand body ritual contains active ingredients that offer a perfect solution against cellulite, poor circulation and flaccidity, resulting in a perfect combination of natural active ingredients. 


               JUVENA is a well-known brand of facial cosmetic products, which offers a wide variety of possibilities with an unbeatable quality in facial creams and cosmetic treatments. 

                   Founded in Switzerland in 1954. It combines the traditional values ​​of the Swiss market with the high quality of its products, with innovative scientific research that resulted in a revolutionary asset: Skin Nova Sc Technology.

                   JUVENA reflects a soft and fresh skin, providing the cells with the necessary environment to protect and enhance their self-regeneration. 

                  JUVENA is derived from the Latin “juvenalis” (youth). For more than 60 years, JUVENA scientists have been researching the skin and the processes that lead to aging, improving the condition of the skin. 



                  Born on the Swiss shore, in Montreaux, in the heart of the biotechnology industry. 

                   It is dedicated to cell therapy research, creating the CMAGE complex contained in all its products. It is a microactive complex combined with a micro-algae and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

                   It also develops the exclusive complex, CELL LIFE EXTENDER that transforms free radicals into water and oxygen. 

                   The CHROMA COMPLEX complex that reduces redness and inflammation and repairs injuries due to inflammation and small tears in the tissues. 

                  The LUX FACTOR complex reduces pigmentation spots. 

                  In short, it is a true cell research laboratory.


                  Founded by the Swiss physician Dr. Paul Niehans and founder of the LA PRAIRIE clinic, it was born as a brand in 1978 with advanced technology and exquisite formulas, using unique ingredients such as caviar, gold and platinum. 

                  This Swiss doctor believed that rejuvenation was not only about prolonging life, but about improving its quality. With this purpose, he carried out for 20 years an investigation that would lead him to become the father of cell therapy and to be a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, after curing Pope Pius XII. 

                  It was then that the La Prairie Clinic experienced a boom. It became a place surrounded by mystery, in the Swiss environment of Montreaux, it had the best rejuvenating treatments. A sanctuary where time stood still and to which all kinds of people wandered, such as Charlie Chaplin, heads of state such as Sir Winston Churchil, royals and Holliwood characters such as Greta Garbo, making it a legend. 

                  With the audacity that characterizes LA PRAIRIE, it launches an exclusive cellular complex, whose formula is the company's best kept secret, keeping it in constant evolution. 

                  It is a luxury firm dedicated to skin care, with the Swiss Alps and the shores of Lake Le Man surrounding its facilities. 

                  LA PRAIRIE fuses Swiss precision and scientific innovation with precious ingredients for a subtle experience. 

                 One of the most important components of LA PRAIRIE is caviar, obtained from the part of the ocean where life is born.  


                 This is a totally hypoallergenic Swiss cosmetic brand. 

                 The Perris family, creators of this brand, worked together with the best Swiss laboratories, achieving a luxurious and effective line that provides high-quality daily care, translating into "fitness" for the skin. 

                 The Perris family researched and worked to create a spectacularly effective anti-aging line.

                 Its components are produced exclusively in Switzerland and its content is 95% of natural origin.

                 PERRIS develops an exceptional series of anti-aging products focused on exfoliating cream. Its natural ingredients are adapted to even the most sensitive skin. 

                 All of their products are clinically, dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. They do not contain parabens, they do not contain phenoxyethanol, formaldehydes, PEG, silicones, mineral oils, paraffins, synthetic aromatic and coloring substances, complexing agents, polymers, ingredients of animal origin or genetically modified ingredients. 

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