They are warm and sweet aromas, which are usually accompanied by spicy nuances. Its formulas are composed of notes of vanilla and tonka bean, as well as molecular components. They are usually used in the cold seasons of the year because the sweetness and warmth of their aroma contrasts with the cold of the season. The most common ingredients in their compositions are vanilla essence, chocolate, caramel, cotton candy, toffee, coffee, cognac, almonds, caramelized sugar, natural patchouly (similar to cocoa). When a fragrance introduces sweet notes in its olfactory pyramid, it is called GOURMAND for this sugary touch. Numerous variants and subfamilies have emerged (floral gourmand, fruity gourmand...) Generally, this olfactory note is used for feminine perfumes, although it is increasingly used in masculine and unisex fragrances. These sweet notes produce a feeling of euphoria and joy, causing the olfactory pupils to tickle and filling the nose, thus confirming the fact that flavor is a combination of taste and smell. The GOURMAND AROMAS are provocative, delicious and sexy aromas, which is why they become a practically irresistible temptation, reminding us of some sweet or food that has vanilla as its main ingredient. The success of the GOURMAND FRAGRANCE is based on awakening those childhood memories, memories as exquisite as when the delicious flavors of desserts flooded our senses, memories of the texture of pastry cream, the exquisiteness of cocoa, the smell of popcorn. of corn, the sweet notes of caramel and the warmth of toffee leads us to this olfactory imprint that is difficult to erase. GOURMAND PERFUMES are the best for warding off sadness, since they take you back to childhood, generating good memories. The GOURMAND OLFACTORY FAMILY can contain floral, citrus and effervescent notes in its pyramid. With these combinations they can be used at any time of the year and at any time. If you prefer to use a heavier composition, look for a gourmand that contains oriental and spicy nuances. These are preferable to wear at night or for a date. LAURA PERFUMERY and our selection of NICHE PERFUMES with AROMA GOURMAND or GOURMET At PERFUMERÍA LAURA we have different brands whose MAIN COMPONENT are the SWEET NOTES. This selection is available in our Perfumery in Alicante and in our online store.


Zafeer oud vanilla (sweet, oriental and vanilla)


Satine (sweet, floral and woody)


Cortigiana (sweet, fruity and floral)

Caramella d'amore (floral sweet tooth)

Chocolat (sweet, floral, spicy)

Vanille bourbon (sweet, floral, woody)


White coco (sweet, floral, fruity)

White coffee (sweet, floral and amber)

Sugar blossom (sweet, floral and musk)

Sugar rum gold (sweet, floral and amber)

Giulietta Opera (greedy, floral and amber)


Andromeda (greedy, floral, oriental)

Tabit (greedy, musky, floral and woody)

Lucrethia (greedy, floral and woody)


Jazzy Twist (sweet floral)

Lady code (sweet chypre)


Blu Cobalt I (eastern gourmand)

Mica d'oro (oriental gourmand)


Looking (greedy, floral, amber)

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