Italian Perfumes

Italy, the land of beauty in all its forms, has left its mark on the world through its perfumes. The history of perfume in Italy is an aromatic journey that has evolved over centuries, from ancient Rome to Renaissance elegance, and from monastic creations to the forefront of luxury perfumery. Today, Italian fragrances continue to enchant the world with their quality, style, and sophistication, keeping alive a tradition that will endure for generations.

History of Elegance Made Fragrance

Did you know that it is now considered that the first perfumers emerged in a small Greek colony in southern Italy? It is well known that the history of perfumery in Italy dates back to ancient Rome, where the use of essential oils and fragrances became a common practice. The Romans appreciated perfumes not only for their pleasant scent but also for their therapeutic properties.

During the Renaissance, the famous House of Medici, one of the most influential families of 15th-century Florence, played a crucial role in the history of Italian perfumes. Catherine de Medici, who became Queen of France, brought with her a passion for Italian fragrances, initiating the trend of perfumery at the French court and eventually throughout Europe.

One of the most notable milestones in the history of Italian perfumes is the creation of the Santa Maria Novella House in Florence in 1612. This house, founded by Dominican monks, began as a place for the manufacture of herbal products and perfumes for medicinal purposes. Over time, its production expanded, and today it continues to produce some of Italy's most exclusive and appreciated fragrances.

Undoubtedly, Italian perfumery has perfectly combined tradition with innovation. Italian perfumers continue to use high-quality ingredients, such as Grasse jasmine, Florentine iris, and Sicilian citrus, combined with the latest technologies in fragrance creation. This has resulted in a wide range of aromas, from classic and timeless to contemporary and avant-garde.

Fall in Love with Italian Perfumes from Perfumería Laura

Speaking of Italian perfumes is speaking of elegance, freshness, sophistication, exclusivity, and luxury. In the 21st century, Italy remains a benchmark in the perfumery industry. The country prides itself on its legacy and continues to influence the global fragrance industry. The streets of Florence, Milan, and Venice are still infused with the essence of Italian perfumes, adding a magical touch to their scents. At Perfumería Laura, we invite you to discover the charm of the most emblematic Italian perfumes:


In the world of fragrances, the Carthusia brand stands out as a rare and precious gem. A true corner of perfumed paradise in the heart of Italy. Founded with the passion and romanticism typical of this country, Carthusia has forged an olfactory legacy that celebrates the rich Italian tradition of perfumery with modern sophistication and a touch of eternal charm.

Carthusia fragrances are a tribute to Italian elegance at its best. Each drop of perfume is a sigh of art, a masterpiece that combines tradition with innovation. The brand prides itself on using the finest ingredients, from Tuscan jasmine to Calabrian bergamot, to create compositions that are a gift to the senses. Are you ready to discover them with us?


In the heart of sublime Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, emerges a fragrance that, like a poem written in the air, has conquered the world. The story of Casamorati is a tale of love and passion intertwined with centuries of Italian perfumery tradition. A legacy that celebrates the romance and beauty of life through its exclusive fragrances. Each fragrance is an olfactory symphony composed by master perfumers, using the most exquisite ingredients. The crystal of the bottles, with its elegant design, is like a jewel in itself, while the presentation is an ode to Italian craftsmanship. In short, Casamorati is a brand that has been forged in the crucible of Italian tradition and has flourished as a hidden treasure revealed in every drop.


Etro is a brand that celebrates the beauty and history of Italy through fragrances that capture the very essence of the country. Its collections are an invitation to explore the richness of Italian tradition and fall in love with its elegance and sophistication. Etro fragrances are like an aromatic poem that transports the heart to Italian landscapes, traditions, and emotions that only Italy can offer.

The history of Etro began in 1968 when founder Gerolamo Etro was inspired by travels, art, and culture to create his brand. From its inception, the fashion and perfume house Etro has been imbued with an adventurous and bohemian spirit that has captivated fashion and fragrance lovers worldwide. Their passion for fabrics and patterns merges with high-quality perfumery to create a unique aromatic experience that you cannot miss.

Il Profvmo

In the hills of charming Italy, where passion and art intertwine in an eternal embrace, a perfume brand is born that has seduced the hearts of fragrance lovers worldwide. Il Profvmo, a hidden gem of Italian perfumery, stands as a perfumed poem that celebrates the beauty and tradition of Italy with a touch of romance and sophistication.

Founded in 1997 in Florence, the heart of perfumery in Italy, the brand is the result of the passion of Silvana Casoli, a passionate perfumer with a unique vision. Each fragrance from Il Profvmo is a love letter to the country's rich perfumery heritage, where art and history blend to create exceptional olfactory compositions. Discover at Perfumería Laura a destination traced in fragrances by Il Profvmo.

Lorenzo Pazzaglia

We are facing a brand that brings to life the elegance and charm of Italy. Each of its fragrances is like an aromatic serenade that awakens romance and love for perfumery. Founded in the city of Florence, the cradle of perfumery in Italy, the brand is the result of the passion of its founder, Lorenzo Pazzaglia. A visionary perfumer who entered the industry in 1986 with the determination to create unique fragrances.

This brand prides itself on using exquisite raw materials, from the most delicate flowers to the richest woods, expertly blended to create exclusive perfumes that evoke emotions. Let yourself be captivated by our selection of Lorenzo Pazzaglia perfumes, to embark on a wonderful journey into Italian olfactory beauty.

Maison Tahité

In the land where passion and beauty intertwine like eternal lovers, a perfume brand has captivated the hearts of fragrance lovers worldwide. The journey of Maison Tahité begins in 2020 when a group of passionate perfumers comes together to bring this unique brand to life. Inspired by the richness of nature and Italian heritage, they venture to create fragrances that capture the essence of the country.

Through its fragrances, this Italian perfume brand presents us with a new vision of sustainable luxury. This commitment to sustainability is reflected especially in the making of their recycled cardboard packaging, vegetable glue, and paper produced from almond shells. Additionally, all packages include a "plant me" card as a contribution to preserving the beauty of our planet. Enter Perfumería Laura to be seduced by their vanilla, cocoa, and coffee collections.


Next, we are proud to present you with the three collections of Italian perfumes from the Valmont house. Founded in Switzerland in 1985, Valmont is globally known for its luxury Swiss cosmetics. Each fragrance is the result of an exceptional production process. In 2020, Valmont made the decision to enter the world of perfumery. Valmont's master perfumers combine unique and exquisite ingredients to produce unique and captivating aromas. Each fragrance reveals layers of depth and sophistication as it develops on the skin.

This time, Valmont takes us into the world of Italian elegance through:

Palazzo Nobile: 6 olfactory emotions that color the journey of life between floral and aromatic notes.

Collezione Privata: 3 tributes to 3 cosmopolitan, spontaneous, lively, and fresh women.

Storie Veneziane: 5 extracts that reveal the multiple facets of Venice in a perfect harmony of the most captivating floral and oriental notes.

Perris Montecarlo

In the heart of the exquisite Italian Riviera, where the Mediterranean embraces the land with a warm hug, the perfume brand Perris Montecarlo is born. Each of its fragrances is an ode to perfumer creativity. They use the highest quality ingredients to bring perfumes to life that awaken the senses. The Mediterranean, with its diverse landscape and rich history, is an endless source of inspiration for Perris Montecarlo. Each fragrance captures a unique aspect of this region, from the salty breeze of the sea to the sun-drenched lavender fields.

Perris Montecarlo is synonymous with exclusivity and luxury, available for you at Perfumería Laura.

S. Esse Strikes The Notes

In the exquisite world of perfumery, the Italian brand S. Esse Strikes The Notes shines like a diamond in the rough, captivating all the senses with its unique olfactory creations. Founded in the mystical land of Italy, this perfume house has emerged as a beacon of sophistication, leading its followers on a sensory journey of luxury and excitement, through the most captivating olfactory notes (flowers such as rose or jasmine; citruses such as mandarin or bergamot; amber, sandalwood, or musk).

The fragrances of S. Esse Strikes The Notes are more than just aromatic blends. They are emotive tales that ignite the imagination. Each fragrance tells a unique story that transports you to a world where feelings and memories merge. From a walk in a flower garden to a sunrise on the Mediterranean coast, these fragrances capture unforgettable moments.

Tiziana Terenzi

This Italian brand, famous for its unique and luxurious creations, invites you to an unprecedented olfactory journey, where the richness of olfactory notes becomes an unparalleled sensory experience. Tiziana Terenzi is more than a perfume brand. It is a tradition of perfumer passion that has been passed down from generation to generation. Founded by Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi, the brand merges the richness of the family's history with a contemporary vision with the mission of creating truly unique fragrances.

At Perfumería Laura, we have the honor of presenting you with 8 exclusive collections for lovers of "bella eleganzza":

Luna Collection.

Classic Collection.

Assoluto Collection.

Comet Collection.

Sea Star Collection.

Anniversary Collection.

Classic Collection Black.

Luna Starts Collection.

V Canto

Love for roots and homeland is the inspiration behind V Canto perfumes. Each fragrance is a sensory tale that takes you on a journey through the emotions and history of Italy. Likewise, its perfumes are like a melody of notes composed from the heart, highlighting floral, fruity, and woody olfactory notes.

It could be said that V Canto is poetry in perfume. And it is because this brand does not limit itself to creating simple perfumes, but becomes an olfactory poet, narrating sensory stories that evoke emotions and memories. Each fragrance is a chapter of an olfactory novel that unfolds on the skin, whispers secrets, and awakens your imagination.

Immerse yourself in the universe of V Canto and let yourself be carried away by the charm of perfumed Italy with its 4 collections:

Blue Collection.

Red Collection.

Green Collection.

Anime del Castello Collection.

Dr Vranjes

In the heart of Tuscany, the cradle of beauty and art, the perfume brand Dr. Vranjes has woven a story of passion that is distilled in each of its bottles. Its fragrances are more than pleasant aromas. They are works of art that transform the environment, creating a perfect sensory oasis. All its aromas represent the beauty, elegance, and sophistication of Italy.

Dr. Vranjes is also a reference brand for home and car perfumes worldwide. Its specialty is to maximize the experience of living in a specific space. Dr. Vranjes' approach goes beyond simply filling a room with an attractive fragrance. The brand has perfected the art of creating aromas that can transform environments into a sanctuary of enveloping fragrances. Surrender to the world of Dr. Vranjes and allow your everyday spaces to be filled with the magic and sophistication of Tuscany.

Bruno Perrruci

BRUNO PERRUCCI PARFUMS is a brand that focuses on moods to create perfumes that accompany us in our different moments of our lives. Life is emotions and BRUNO PERRUCCI PARFUMS creates fragrances to accompany us in our emotions. He creates ultra niche fragrances that are special, memorable and evoke a lot of emotion.

In the words of Bruno Perrucci: "Moods and emotions are also expressed through the choice of our perfume".

Bruno Perrucci has always been passionate about the world of perfumery and has pursued the dream of entering this sector full of emotions and creative sensations. This is how he started visiting historic houses until he sat down at a perfumer's organ to create his first fragrance. It was there that he discovered his love for this work and with it the reading, the study of raw materials, test after test and the creation of a few fragrances. Then, encouraged by a colleague and now perfumer friend, it was time to make them known and so the BRUNO PERRUCCI PARFUMS brand was born.


RITO is a niche brand of artistic perfumery entirely made in Italy. It is the authentic expression of the presence, imagination and know-how of its 3 creators, who have made their dream their life.

There is a hidden magic in the small moments of life, such as the gesture of putting on a perfume, an act charged with an enormous sense of identity (a true rite). RITE is a link between gestures, thoughts and emotions, a connection between body and spirit.

DAVIDE MARTINI (creative part linked to research, image and composition of the RITO brand), sharing with Stefano Torreggiani the relationship with the public and the press.

Maiora Parfums

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of MAIORA PARFUM, a niche fragrance brand that has made its mark on the perfumery universe since its creation in 2017, thanks to the innovative vision of Antonio Gigli, its founder.

With MAIORA PARFUM, you will embark on a unique sensory experience, where each fragrance is meticulously crafted to embody authenticity and excellence. Each MAIORA PARFUM creation is a testament to their commitment to quality, using only the finest ingredients to offer you an unparalleled olfactory experience.

MAIORA PARFUM perfumes are renowned for their extreme and long-lasting hold. These perfume extracts contain more than 42% essential oils, guaranteeing an intensity and persistence that will accompany you throughout the day.

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