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Casamorati - Dama Bianca EDP 100 ml



Casamorati - Dama Bianca EDP 100 ml

MAIN CHORDS: Powdery, vanilla, violet, floral, musky, citrus, woody, iris, fresh, white floral.

TOP NOTES: Violet, citrus.

HEART NOTE: White floral, iris.

BASE NOTE: Powdery, vanilla, musky, woody.


TOP NOTES: Violet, citrus. "Dama Bianca" lotion opens with an explosion of citrus freshness, followed by a soft and enveloping vanilla sweetness. Violet and floral notes add a touch of femininity and elegance, while musk and woody elements add depth and warmth.


HEART NOTE: White floral, iris. At the heart of the fragrance, violet and white floral notes intertwine with iris, creating an exquisite blend of sweetness and sophistication. The presence of musk and woody notes add a sensual and enveloping dimension, while the fresh elements maintain a vibrant and youthful feeling.


BASE NOTE: Powdery, vanilla, musky, woody.

In the base notes, the "Dama Bianca" lotion settles with a soft and musky base, which lingers on the skin with long-lasting elegance. Woody notes add depth and mystery, completing the olfactory experience with a warm and comforting sensation.


Dama Bianca by Xerjoff is a fragrance that displays timeless elegance and subtle femininity through its woody floral musk composition for women. Its launch in 2012 marked the entry of a new olfactory creation that has endured over time, captivating those seeking a unique and refined sensory experience.


From the first moment, Dama Bianca envelops the senses with a citrus and vibrant freshness, thanks to the top notes of kumquat and lime, which awaken attention and prepare the ground for what is to come. These initial notes add a juicy and luminous touch, like a ray of morning sun that illuminates the skin with its radiance.


As the fragrance unfolds, the heart reveals an exquisite floral harmony, where violet, Italian iris, lilac, Egyptian jasmine and lily of the valley intertwine in an enchanting olfactory dance. These floral notes provide depth and softness, creating an aura of delicacy and femininity that envelops the wearer.


At the base of Dama Bianca, we find a rich and seductive combination of notes that add warmth and sensuality to the fragrance. Vanilla and malt provide a comforting sweetness, while white and ambrette musks offer enveloping softness and a long-lasting trail. Sandalwood and cedar complete this base with their woody and creamy character, adding an earthy and sophisticated dimension that anchors the fragrance on the skin.


In short, Dama Bianca by Xerjoff is an exceptional olfactory creation that captures the essence of femininity with ethereal elegance and timeless sophistication. From its initial citrus notes to its warm embrace of musks and woods, this fragrance invites you to immerse yourself in a world of beauty and refinement, where each aroma tells a story of grace and distinction.

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