Atkinsons Niche

ATKINSONS is a brand with over 200 YEARS OF HISTORY.

Over 200 years of history of the most British perfume serving the most demanding public.

JAMES ATKINSONS was a fearless lad who arrived from Cumberland (northern Britain) to cosmopolitan London in 1799 seeking fame and fortune aided by a "special" friend: HIS BEAR.

James Atkinsons stood out for his aromatic balms ideal for beard care.

JAMES ATKINSONS opened his first "perfumery" in 1799 at 44 Gerrard Street (Soho), always accompanied by his pet. It was a perfumery that stood out for the presence of a terrifying bear.

It was in the year 1800 when James Atkinsons created his most surprising fragrance. A Cologne Water completely different from the Italian fragrances that were in fashion (warm and spicy, stronger and more attractive, with a persistent aroma that evokes the greatness of the British Empire).


TRADITION: Atkinsons is a brand born in London in the year 1979.

LUXURY: Atkinsons Niche is a luxury brand that seeks exclusivity.

NICHE PERFUMES: which are genderless.


ATKINSONS has an EMBLEM on the cap WITH TWO BEARS inspired by the royal shield granted by King George IV.


The current version is faithful to its origins, though slightly modernized.

A glass bottle, with engravings, gilded and the medallion.

The coat of arms with the original logo (two bears).

The cap shaped like a top hat, engraved as if it were a woven wicker basket.


THE ICONIC COLLECTION: pays homage to the boutiques and perfume workshops that the Atkinsons firm opened in London. It reminds us of British elegance with a timeless chic touch.

- Eau de Cologne (24 Old Bond Street, 24 Old Bond Street Triple Extract, 44 Gerrard Street)

- Eau de Parfum (41 Burlington Aracade, Gold Fair in Mayfair)

THE EMBLEMATIC COLLECTION: represents the contemporary renewal of the masterpieces of Atkinson's legacy, created in their day for the most prestigious clients of the world's high society in the 19th century. The fragrances are now reborn with contemporary facets. They are masterpieces for noble spirits.

- Eau de Toilette (Nuptial Bouquet, Amber Empire, British Bouquet)

- Eau de Parfum (Tulipe Noire)

- Oud Collection (Oud Save The King, Oud Save The Queen, His Majesty The Oud, Her Majestic The Oud, The Other Side Of The Oud)

THE CONTEMPORARY BRITISH COLLECTION: these are innovative interpretations of the most symbolic British habits, cultural emblems, and iconic landscapes. It's about living with irreverence, being nonconformist, contemporary.

- Eau de Parfum (Rose In Wonderland, Mint & Tonic)

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