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Tokyo Bloom 100 ml - The Different Company



Tokyo Bloom The Different Company

MAIN CHORDS: yellow floral, powdery, fresh spicy, green, sweet, floral, aromatic, fruity, bitter, fresh

TOP NOTES: floral, fresh

HEART NOTE: yellow floral, green, sweet

BASE NOTE: powdery, fresh spicy, aromatic, fruity, bitter

MAIN ACCORDS: yellow floral, powdery, fresh spicy, green, sweet, floral, aromatic, fruity, bitter, fresh. The main accords of this lotion include notes of yellow flowers, which provide a vibrant and cheerful fragrance. Powdery notes add a soft and comforting touch, while fresh and spicy notes provide refreshing dynamism. Green notes infuse a natural, herbaceous feel, complemented by floral sweetness and fruity aroma. The combination of these accords creates an aromatic fragrance, with a bitter undertone that balances the overall freshness of the lotion.

TOP NOTES: floral, fresh. The top notes of this lotion are predominantly floral and fresh. These initial notes capture the essence of freshly cut flowers, offering a lively and natural first impression, along with a breath of freshness that revitalizes the senses.

HEART NOTE: yellow floral, green, sweet. The heart note is characterized by an accord of yellow, green and sweet flowers. These central notes provide a warm and welcoming olfactory profile, with the sweetness of yellow flowers in perfect harmony with green freshness, creating a smooth and balanced transition from the top notes.

BASE NOTE: powdery, fresh spicy, aromatic, fruity, bitter. The base notes are a mixture of powdery, fresh and spicy, aromatic, fruity and bitter accords. These final notes add depth and longevity to the fragrance, leaving a persistent and enveloping trail. The combination of powdery and spicy with fruity and bitter touches gives an intriguing complexity and durability that lasts on the skin.

"Tokyo Bloom" by The Different Company is a charming green aromatic fragrance, designed to captivate both women and men with its unique blend of aromas. Launched in 2012, this fragrance stands out not only for its composition but also for the creative know-how behind it. The nose responsible for creating this olfactory masterpiece is Emilie Bevierre-Coppermann, a renowned perfumer known for her ability to create evocative and memorable aromas. With "Tokyo Bloom", Bevierre-Coppermann has managed to capture the essence of spring in Tokyo, mixing vibrant and refreshing notes that evoke the lush greenery and blooming flowers of the city.

The top notes of "Tokyo Bloom" introduce an unexpected but delicious combination of dandelion, basil and black currant. The inclusion of dandelion, a rare note in perfumery, sets the tone with a fresh, slightly bitter green aroma, reminiscent of the first buds of spring grass. Basil adds an aromatic and spicy touch, providing a lively and invigorating contrast. Blackcurrant brings a fruity acidity that balances the green and herbaceous elements, creating a vibrant and complex opening that draws you in immediately and promises an olfactory journey like no other.

As the initial burst of top notes begins to settle, the fragrance transitions into its heart notes, revealing a delicate, floral core. Cyclamen and jasmine are the protagonists of this phase, weaving a soft, powdery and sweet bouquet. Cyclamen, with its subtle floral and slightly aquatic scent, adds an airy, ethereal quality to the fragrance. Jasmine, a classic note in perfumery, provides a rich and intoxicating floral sweetness that deepens the composition. Together, these middle notes create a harmonious blend that is both elegant and uplifting, capturing the serene beauty of a blooming garden in the heart of Tokyo.

The base notes of "Tokyo Bloom" provide a warm and solid base, ensuring that the fragrance lingers elegantly on the skin. Musk, guaiac wood and amber form the base, each of which contributes its unique qualities to the final composition. Musk offers a sensual and soft undertone, adding depth and longevity to the fragrance. Guaiac wood introduces a smoky and slightly sweet woody aroma, enhancing the green and floral aspects of the aroma. Amber adds a touch of warmth and resinous sweetness, completing the fragrance with a comforting and welcoming finish.

What makes "Tokyo Bloom" particularly intriguing is its ability to balance contrasting elements, creating a fragrance that is both fresh and warm, light and deep. This complexity makes it suitable for various occasions and seasons, although it shines especially in spring and summer, when its green and floral notes can truly bloom. The

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