Valmont Sensitive Skin Care

Cosmeticos Valmont Pieles Sensibles

Soothing Cream, by Cosmeticos Valmont is a highly moisturizing cream that provides softness and comfort to the skin.

Its silky and extremely delicate texture has been formulated with perfectly tolerated moisturizing agents. Thanks to its emollient and soothing power, it improves the general condition of the skin, preventing the appearance of small skin manifestations and favoring their disappearance. Instantly provides a pleasant feeling of well-being.


A care adapted to skin with small rashes.

Avoid red spots located anywhere on the face "wings of the nose, eyebrows ..." that persist for several days.

Avoid areas of scales.

Avoid the sensation of itching and discomfort.

A moisturizing and emollient cream that immediately soothes the skin, providing it with comfort and softness.

Help the skin to rebuild its protective barrier and reduce redness and irritation of sensitive skin.


For fragile skin that often reacts badly with cosmetic products on the market.

Scaly red skin with a feeling of discomfort.

Sensitive skin, even the most intolerant.

For uncomfortable and tight skin that does not support sun exposure, temperature changes, alcohol consumption ...

For skin that has small red pimples that persist for days.




Apply morning and evening with gentle movements on the whole of the face and neck.

Apply DERMATOSIC as a complement to skin lesions.




Avoid cosmetics with a drying effect (soap and water in particular).

In case of itching, do not scratch.

Avoid periods of anxiety.

Avoid cold or humid weather.




Dermatitis is frequently associated with red spots and scales.

Rosacea: is a vascular condition of the face (involving the microcirculatory system).

This condition affects fair skin and progressively manifests from 25 to 50 years of age and can be especially virulent during menopause.


Formula whose number of components is controlled and which is based on perfectly controlled moisturizing agents.

Sensitive skin does not have a sufficiently effective protective film. This poor shield makes the skin consider any action as an aggression and causes the appearance of redness and burning. This treatment compensates for the deficiencies of hyper-reactive skin. No exfoliation to limit the risks of irritations. This delicate treatment will reconcile you with beauty products!




SWISS THERAPEUTIC WHATER: perfectly adapted for the treatment of sensitive skin, soothing, softening, anti-inflammatory.

HYDROCOMPLEX: immediately hydrates the epidermis and maintains an optimal level of hydration.

GLICIRETINIC ACID: calms irritations, reduces redness and softens.

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