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Time Master Intensive Program Cofre 14 x 3 ml - Valmont - Intensive Anti-aging Cure.



Time Master Intensive Program  Cofre  14 x 3 ml - Valmont - Intensive Anti-aging Cure.

In 28 days, the skin regains its tone, energy, hydration and radiance.

Anti-aging treatment recommended 2 to 4 times a year.

Time Master Intensive Program  Cofre  14 x 3 ml - Valmont - Intensive Anti-aging Cure.

In 28 days, the skin regains its tone, energy, hydration and radiance.

Anti-aging treatment recommended 2 to 4 times a year.

Every second, life's experiences leave their mark on the face. The faces lose tonicity, the volumes sink, the complexion becomes opaque, the wrinkles are accentuated ...


With TIME MASTER INTENSIVE PROGRAM, Valmont invents the infallible weapon to make time an ally when the usual products do not respond.

This new gifted formula, a quarter of which is made up of the emblematic active principles of Valmont beauty rituals (Hydration, Energy, Luminosity, Anti-Wrinkle & Firmness), acts on all skin aging factors. In 28 days, this polyactive program regulates the mechanism of skin cells and reverses the course of time ...



With this poly-active cure, which allows the 4 aggravating factors of skin aging to be treated simultaneously, Valmont reveals its precision jewel.

TIME MASTER brings together the best of the ingredients of the 4 beauty rituals:



A unique mixture of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights moisturizes the skin at all levels.



The combined action of Elastin Reviver and a cocktail of anti-wrinkle peptides reactivates the synthesis of elastin and collagen to recover a smoother and firmer skin.



To stimulate cell regeneration and skin vitality, Valmont uses the force of a duo of exclusive active ingredients: liposome DNA and liposome RNA.



The synergistic action of all the active principles of the formula returns to the skin an incomparable luminosity thanks to the reactivation of cellular processes, the skin comes alive and lights up.

This intensive program, highly concentrated in leading active ingredients focuses its action and acts in synergy in the biological processes involved in skin aging.

In 28 days, the skin appears soft, regenerated, glowing. The face is illuminated with a new youth and reflects fullness and vitality.



An extremely effective treatment to restore firmness to the skin.

A solution to energize the skin in seasonal changes.

An intensive product to treat wrinkles and loss of firmness.

A treatment for after aesthetic medicine interventions to prolong its effects.

A true program of stimulation of skin functions with reinforcement action on all the factors involved in the aging process.

An ultramodern texture that enhances skin penetration.

Regenerate the skin returning the tonicity, vitality and luminosity of a young and healthy skin.




Skin tired and marked by the signs of age.

All skins during seasonal changes.

To prolong the effect of an aesthetic medicine intervention.

After having suffered a stressful moment (health problems ...) and it shows on your skin.




- In the morning and at night: apply 5 pressures on face and neck.

- Distribute the product in the 2 hands and smooth with ascending movements from the center of the face to the outside. Continue with neck and neck massages. After complete product penetration, exert slight pressure with the fingertips on the chin, forehead and cheekbones.

- Continue with your day and night treatment adapted to your skin needs.




- True program of stimulation of skin functions.

- Acts in synergy with all the factors involved in the aging process.

- High concentration of active ingredients dedicated to restoring hydration, energy, radiance and firmness.

- The ultramodern texture of the nanoemulsion enhances skin penetration.




- Provides energy, reversing the course of time.

- Penetrates in a fraction of a second.

- Leaves skin smooth and smooth.




- The skin regenerates, regains elasticity, vitality and radiance; Looking young and healthy.

- The result obtained after 28 days of intensive treatment lasts 3/6 months.




Repeat the treatment every 3/6 months.




Hyaluronic Acid Complex of High and Low MOLECULAR WEIGHT: The high molecular weight fraction creates a moisturizing film that fills surface expression wrinkles. The low molecular weight fraction penetrates the deep layers of the epidermis and retains water in the cells.

LIPOSOMATE DNA: Increases the penetration of triple DNA by 300%. It carries the moisturizing and regenerating power of triple DNA to the living epidermis. Provides fatty acids to strengthen the c

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