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Narjesi edp - The Spirit of Dubai

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Narjesi edp 90 ml - The Spirit of Dubai

MAIN CHORDS: roses, warm spice, musk, amber

TOP NOTES: animalic, aromatic, smoky

HEART NOTE: balsamic, woody

BASE NOTE: mild spice

MAIN CHORDS: roses, warm spice, musk, amber. The main notes of Narjesi EDP 90 ml by The Spirit of Dubai are a harmonious combination of roses, warm spices, musk, amber and animalic nuances. These chords intertwine to create a rich and enveloping olfactory experience.

TOP NOTES: animalic, aromatic, smoky. The fragrance begins with a bouquet of roses, emanating a delicate and captivating floral sweetness. This initial freshness is enhanced by a subtle spicy warmth, which adds a touch of sophistication and sensuality from the first moment.

HEART NOTE: balsamic, woody. At the heart of Narjesi, the central note is musk, which unfolds with a seductive sensuality. This creamy, enveloping note creates an intriguing depth to the composition, while a gentle smokiness adds a mysterious and enigmatic quality.

BASE NOTE: mild spice. The fragrance sits on an amber base, which provides comforting warmth and long-lasting sensuality. Complementing this warmth, we find animalic nuances that add an intriguing dimension and a sense of depth to the fragrance. Balsamic and woody touches add earthy richness and exotic character, while a subtle soft spice adds a touch of sensuality and elegance. Together, these base notes create a long-lasting and memorable trail, enveloping the user in a feeling of luxury and sophistication.

"The Spirit of Dubai" is a brand that evokes the very essence of opulence and luxury, and its Narjesi fragrance is no exception. Launched in 2017, this olfactory masterpiece captures the essence of elegance and charm in a bottle. Narjesi belongs to the Amber Floral olfactory family, a combination that promises a unique sensory experience for both men and women.

From the moment Narjesi is sprayed, a dazzling array of notes unfolds, giving life to a symphony of aromas. Top notes, an exquisite blend of roses in their various varieties, welcome with their intoxicating sweetness, accompanied by a spicy touch provided by pink pepper and spices. Aldehydes add a radiant shine, while bergamot and citrus notes provide revitalizing freshness.

As Narjesi evolves on the skin, the Heart Notes reveal its complexity and depth. Taif rose, with its distinctive, floral aroma, is intertwined with the warm embrace of patchouli and invigorating ginger. Vetiver and sandalwood add an earthy sensuality, while vanilla and honey soften the composition with their comforting sweetness. Cypriol, also known as nagarmotha, provides a mysterious, smoky note that adds an intriguing touch to the blend.

Finally, the Base Notes wrap the senses in a veil of mystery and seduction. Frankincense and leather evoke a sense of luxury and power, while amber and oakmoss add captivating depth. Sandalwood and castoreum add sensual warmth, while spun caramel adds a playful and inviting touch. Together, these notes combine to create a trail that is both timeless and memorable, leaving a lasting impression on whoever has the pleasure of experiencing it.

In short, Narjesi by The Spirit of Dubai is much more than just a fragrance; It is a sensory experience that transports the user to a world of luxury, elegance and sophistication. With its exquisite blend of floral, spicy and woody notes, this creation is truly a masterpiece in the art of perfumery, destined to captivate and seduce those seeking the best in high-end fragrances.

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The Spirit Of Dubai

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